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Transportation Company


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John Jankowski, Vice President of Operations

      John, better known as JJ, has been in the delivery business since 1984.  He started as a moped- riding courier working for Gary at Fleetfoot Messengers and was promoted repeatedly to car driver, dispatcher, trainer and then various management positions. He has driven 53-foot trucks cross country and managed dispatch operations requiring hundreds of time-sensitive decisions daily. JJ has worked with Gary for over twenty years and believes strongly in the power of a company that treats its customers and employees with respect and dignity. 

       John has managed the company's dispatch center, Airport  operations, and other high volume operations. He is ultra-creative and understands how to focus on simply solving a problem for the customer and dealing with internal issues later - something that many people forget, but JJ never does.

You can contact John by email at:  jj@metrogistix.com

Gary Brose, President

       Gary has been in the delivery industry since his first job in high school in 1969. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1975 and took a job as a courier with Federal Express. He managed stations for FedEx in Richmond, VA, Cincinnati, OH, and Chicago. He returned to Seattle and purchased Fleetfoot Messenger Service in 1981. Since then he has owned over a dozen other companies in various industries, but always continued managing and running the delivery companies. 

       Gary also owns and operates a business consulting firm (www.smallbizsherpa.com)  that specializes in employee management. He has written multiple books on the best techniques for motivating a workforce including The Ultimate Motivated Employee and  Bonus Your Way to Profits  - both books that help business owners and managers create a positive and productive work force. 

       MetroGistix was born out of Gary's desire to meet the needs of very specialized clients who understand the value that a motivated workforce brings to the equation. Having the right people in the right place can result in amazing performance when they are treated with respect, rewarded fairly, and motivated properly.

Gary can be contacted at  206-462-2901 or by email: gary@metrogistix.com